Mentorship Tips

  • Encourage students to take challenging classes from your colleagues who you think will be able to inspire the best work from the students.
  • Invite and encourage top students to attend lectures and other events that will broaden and deepen their education.
  • If you are hosting a visiting scholar, consider inviting two or three top students to join you when you take the speaker out for lunch or dinner. These informal settings are wonderful opportunities for these students to learn and practice interview skills.
  • If students you know are applying for national scholarships, offer to review their application materials several times throughout the application process as they make changes and get feedback from different sources.
  • Seek out information about the scholarship for which the student is applying so you can effectively tailor your feedback to address the criteria that will be used to judge the student's application.
  • Be frank and honest in your feedback. If the applicant does not get critical feedback, their application will not likely rise to the level that will make them competitive.