About the National Scholarship Office

The National Scholarship Office (NSO) supports all VCU students — honors, non-honors, graduate and professional — as well as alumni who are interested in applying for prestigious national and international scholarships.

The NSO team provides advice, recommendations and guidance to help prospective applicants navigate the potentially-overwhelming scholarship application process.

In addition, the staff also works with current applicants to strengthen their applications, gather supplementary materials and prepare for potential interviews.

NSO Services

Information Sessions

We hold information sessions throughout the year to inform the VCU community of scholarship and fellowship opportunities.

Initial Consultations

We meet with individuals to explore scholarship or fellowship opportunities that are a good fit for them.

Recommender Advice and Coordination

We consult with candidates about the choice of recommenders and coordinate the submission of letters of recommendation, when appropriate.


We offer scholarship-specific workshops, as well as our signature How to Apply Workshop Series for juniors, seniors, graduate students, and alumni.

Cohort Activities

We organize groups of applicants to share and receive feedback as well as facilitate other activities to foster peer support and community.

Writing Support

We work closely with applicants to help them craft the strongest possible scholarship essays and personal statements. 

Mock Interviews

We organize practice interviews to help prepare applicants for interviews required for some awards. 

Campus Endorsements and Nominations

We coordinate the process by which VCU students and alumni receive endorsements or nominations for those awards that require them.

Final Submission of Application Materials

We assist applicants with the final submission of their application materials.