The NSO provided so many different resources throughout the application process, but I'd say the one thing that stood out the most was the panel of professors and previous CLS scholars who reviewed my essay and provided me with constructive feedback.

Samara Shabon
NSO Alum ('23)

The NSO was helpful in so many ways, but I think what helped me the most was the constant assurance that I had the ability/skills/knowledge to be successful. 

Laura Booth
NSO Alum ('18)

Helpful is a gross understatement. The NSO (literally just Jeff Wing at the time) was absolutely, positively fundamental to my application and its success. Without Jeff's patient guidance and assistance, there is no way I would have been able to put together the application. At the time that I had applied, there had only been 2 other VCU students who had been awarded Fulbrights, and it was only through them that I had even heard about the program. Jeff's support and encouragement were invaluable, and I owe him, the Honors College, and VCU as a whole so much. 

Hanan Abed
NSO Alum ('04)

The NSO helped me most in crafting my essay. They knew exactly what sort of information to include and how to make my essay stand out.

Lauren Chartuk
NSO Alum ('17)

The NSO was instrumental in the entire application process, from start to finish. They introduced me to the fellowship, the timeline for applying, the review panels, and countless appointments to proof and shape my essays, thematically, substantively, and syntactically. I felt as if I had a strong feeling for why I wanted to apply and what I wanted to take part in the fellowship, but the NSO helped me find my voice so that I could express my true intent concisely and professionally. I'm forever indebted!

Spence Graves
NSO Alum ('21)