Undergraduate Students

There are many national and international scholarships that are open to undergraduates, and you can apply to some of them as early as your first year! These awards can help you achieve your personal and professional goals by funding study abroad, language acquisition, research, leadership and professional development, public service internships, postgraduate study, and more. The application process, supported by the NSO, is valuable in and of itself, by allowing you to develop important application writing skills, make connections across campus and in the community, and to further develop your future goals.

VCU students are definitely competitive for these awards, and the NSO works with you to help ensure that you are submitting your strongest application possible.

To be competitive for prestigious national and international awards, you should strive for and maintain the highest possible academic performance, enroll in courses that encourage critical thinking from a broad range of perspectives, take advantage of opportunities to be involved in the campus community and beyond, take on leadership roles when appropriate, and foster relationships with faculty and other mentors who can offer guidance and write letters of recommendation.

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