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Tennessee Dixon

Fulbright , 2010, England

Tennessee Dixon’s time abroad in Hungary on a Fulbright scholarship taught her a lot of valuable life lessons.

When Dixon, a graduate student in VCU’s theater program, received an email about a Fulbright scholarship information session, she saw it as a way to achieve her long-term goal to travel to the Eastern European country.

Among the valuable lessons Dixon learned during her time abroad was finding a way to break barriers between people of different cultures. After these barriers were surpassed, however, Dixon said she made "invaluable connections" with the people she met during her stay in Hungary.

The experience also taught Dixon to be prepared for anything. Her proposal originally included collaborating with two choreographers. One of the choreographers, however, had to be cut from the production due to budget cuts. This unfortunate incident taught Dixon a valuable lesson: she had to be prepared to adapt quickly.

Despite the setback, Dixon still thoroughly enjoyed her time abroad, and says she was proud to represent VCU and the U.S.